Why Hire In House Movers

Movers don’t just come in handy when you’re moving out of your house. They can also be of service when you’re moving furniture in your house, too. Think about it: in-house movers can help get that heavy sideboard from the dining room to the living area without throwing out your back. They can move your bedroom from the second floor to the main level. Or they can move your furniture out of a room that’s undergoing a renovation and move it back in when it’s done. But that’s not all! Here are some of the most common reasons to hire in-house movers.

in house movers


Like we mentioned above, renovations are a common reasons people hire in-house movers. Renovations typically require entire rooms (or floors) to be vacated of their contents, which can be a huge job for a family to take on alone. An in-house moving service can tackle the job in just a few hours, and many (including American Movers) can offer temporary storage if your don’t have room to store everything in your home.

Redecorating or Design Installation

If you’ve ordered a bunch of new furniture from a retailer or worked with the increasingly popular e-design services, you’ll be left to your own devices when it comes time to move the new furniture into your home (and get the old stuff out.)

Aging in Place

Many people find that, as they age, their homes aren’t as accessible and functional as they once were, requiring a re-thinking (and often rearranging) of the current floorplan. That might mean, for example, swapping a second-floor master bedroom with the guest room on the main level, a process in-home movers can assist with.


If you’re in the process of selling your home and are thinking of hiring a home stager (or you are a home stager), an in-home moving service can literally do the heavy lifting while you figure out what the best arrangement is for each room.

Moving Heavy Pieces

There are certain pieces of furniture that seem like they’ll require the strength of 10 men to move. And if you have something of the sort in you home (an armoire, sideboard, or entertainment center, for example), that needs to be relocated, hire an in-home moving company to help (and save your back!).

If you need a reputable in-home moving service in New Jersey or New York, get in touch with American Movers, Inc.