How to Find a Good International Moving Company

Anytime you move it’s a big life event, one that comes with lots of planning, organization, logistics to oversee, and plenty of change. Moving to a new country, on the other hand, should be in a category all its own — in addition to the to-dos that come with a local or interstate move, there are new laws, foreign languages, and thousands of miles to factor in as well.

In other words, moving to a new country can be difficult and stressful. One of the best ways to simplify the process so you can focus on getting yourself and your family acquainted with your new location is to hire a good international moving company to help get your things from point A to point B (even when point B is on the other side of the world).
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1. Start early. There are hundreds of details to coordinate when you’re moving to a new country, so starting your search for an international moving service early will ensure you find a reputable, experienced company with the availability to help you move. You’ll also want to start your search early because it will typically take 30-60 days or more or transit time for your belongings to arrive at your home in your new country, which can make your move date earlier than you may have originally anticipated depending on the timeline from the company you hire.

2. Get experience.
Perhaps the most important thing to consider when hiring an international moving service is the level of experience the company has in dealing with international relocation. In addition to helping you pack your items securely, the company will also need high-levels of familiarity with international freight laws, and rules and regulations in your new country to ensure your belongings clear customs.

3. Look for full-service companies. Most international moves require multiple parties in order to be successful, including your origin mover which you’ll hire locally, a freight service to transport your shipping containers overseas, and a destination mover to help you unpack. While you’d be hard pressed to find all three of these services in one company, a good origin mover can offer recommendations for your shipping company and destination mover, and can coordinate the moving process with both parties, saving you time and stress.

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