How to Make an International Move Easier

There’s a lot of work that goes into planning an international move, from securing a job and/or a visa in your new country, to finding a place to live and selling your existing home. Then, there’s also the physical act of moving your entire life to a new country, one that might literally be on the other side of the planet. Though this process can potentially be a complicated one, we’ve learned from experience moving our customers around the world that with the right preparation and help, it is possible to move to a new country without immediately needing a vacation afterwards. Here, we’re sharing a few tips we’ve learned for making an international move easier.

Decide what you need. Moving to a new country isn’t like a traditional move in that there’s a good chance you won’t simply just be relocating everything from your current place to your new one. You might only be taking a few pieces of furniture…or you might not be taking any at all. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll need to pare down your belongings by 50% or more, and doing so is the single easiest way to simplify your move.

Consider storage. If your move isn’t permanent and you eventually plan to return to the U.S., you might consider renting a storage unit to house your furniture and belongings while you are out of the country. That way, when you return, you won’t be faced with the daunting task of replacing everything from your coffee table to your silverware.

Hire a moving company. Once you’ve narrowed down the things that will make the international move with you, it’s time to figure out how to get everything to your new home. If you’ve only got a few suitcases, you could just consider taking your items on the plane with you. But if you have larger pieces or more than a couple of bags, you’ll want to hire an experienced moving company. A moving company will be able to handle the logistics of your move on both ends to ensure that all of your belongings are both shipped and received safely.

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