Holiday Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

If you know someone who recently moved into (or is in the process of moving into) a new home, then you can instantly narrow down your holiday gift-giving ideas. Chances are, there will be a ton of things the family will need in their new space, and a thoughtful, helpful gift they can use in it is guaranteed to be appreciated. So what are the best holiday gift ideas for new homeowners? We’ve put together a few suggestions, below.


1. A new address stamp or labels. This is a great gift because in addition to being thoughtful, there’s a good chance that among all of the other things a new homeowner has to think about, purchasing a stamp or label set with their new address on it hasn’t crossed their mind quite yet. It also comes in incredibly handy during Christmas-card season!

2. A holiday welcome mat or wreath. When you move around the holidays, unpacking typically comes ahead of holiday decorating. But, it’s still nice to have reminders of the season. Simple adornments for the outside of the home, like a pretty wreath or welcome mat will add holiday cheer without a ton of effort.

3. A gift certificate to an online interior design service. Give the gift of a gorgeous new home. Interior design used to be reserved for those who could spend tens of thousands of dollars on it, but not anymore. A new crop of online interior design services–like Havenly, Decorist, Homepolish, and Laurel & Wolf–have made it possible to get a room makeover from a professional designer for as little at $79 (not including furniture of course).

4. A fun keepsake. Another great gift idea? A personalized keepsake to commemorate their first holiday season in their new home, like dated tree ornaments, trinket boxes, or wall decor.