What Shouldn’t You Pack in Your Moving Truck?

When you’re in the middle of your move, you might think that anything that is in your home is fair game to box up and pack into your moving truck. For the most part, that’s true. You can bring nearly everything in your home with you when you move. However, not everything should be boxed up without second thought … especially if you are moving cross country or across state lines. Certain items can cause safety concerns and hazardous conditions when they’re left unattended, or placed in conditions that might not be climate or pressure controlled. So what shouldn’t you pack in your moving truck? Here’s a list of items that you should consider bringing with you, or simply tossing out and purchasing new once you arrive at your new home.

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What shouldn’t go in these boxes? Household cleaners, nail polish remover, and charcoal are just a few of the items …

Aerosol containers.

Nine times out of ten, if you pack an aerosol container nothing bad will happen. But, since the contents in the can are under extreme pressure, there is always the likelihood of the can exploding from excessive heat or accidental puncture (both of which have the potential to occur during the jostling of a long move).

Hazardous chemicals and products (And household chemicals, too!)

Leave your potent cleaning supplies behind. A spilled or broken container of bleach or ammonia can ruin an entire truckload of your belongings with damage like discoloration, soaked-in-smells, or corrosion. Not to mentions the potentially deadly concoctions chemicals can make if they spill and mix together. Bleach and ammonia combined in a tight space can create a noxious gas, for example. Besides chemicals, ditch other powerful agents like paint thinner, nail polish remover, varnish or paint, or pesticides out of your boxes, too.

Anything flammable.

This one seems obvious, but flammable items go beyond propane tanks and matches. Rubbing alcohol, gel candles, charcoal, and even pocket lighters should all be left behind, too.

Not sure about something you’re planning to pack? Give your moving company a call! They’ll be able to share a list of things you shouldn’t pack with you when you move.