What Happens If My Movers Break Something?

At American Movers, we do everything in our power to ensure your move goes smoothly, which includes packing and handling items so everything gets to your new home in one piece. But on occasion, pieces do break. If you’ve had something break during a move, there are things you can do to get reimbursed for your piece.

Step 1: Inspect Your Items

The first thing you’ll want to do once your items are delivered to your home is inspect them for any signs of damage. Most moving companies have a time period where they will accept claims on items; so the sooner you start this process, the better. If possible, take note of each item as your movers bring them in. This way if there is an issue, the moving company can be present and answer any questions you have on the spot. They can also take note of the damage in person, which can help later along in the process. If you’re inspecting your items after the fact, start with the fragile items like your glassware, china and television. Next move on to your larger furniture pieces and make sure they are free from any scrapes, tears or dents.

Step 2: Photograph the Damage

If you do find any damages, make sure you photograph them. Most moving experts suggest you photograph your furniture before and after the move so there is a clear-cut timestamp. Photos are important when you file a claim, so make sure you have them ready available.

Step 3: File a Claim

Along with your photo of the damaged item(s), you’ll want to take note of the damage on your copy of the Bill of Lading. Your next step will depend on if you purchased moving insurance through a third party or through your moving company. If you purchased it from a third party, contact them and start the claims process to be reimbursed. If you purchased insurance through your moving company be sure to check which insurance you bought. If you purchased released value protection, your items are reimbursed at 60 cents a pound. This coverage should be included in the quote given by the moving company, so be sure to check the paperwork. If you purchased full-value protection, the coverage is based on the valuation of the contents being transported. In this type of coverage, the moving company can either have the item repaired so it is in the same condition as it was before being damaged or they can replace the item with another of like kind. Regardless of which insurance you purchased, you will still want to call your moving company and start the claims process.

If you did not purchase moving insurance, call your moving company directly to file a claim form. Be as detailed as possible and include what happened to your item, the age of the item, how much it was purchased for and the expected replacement or repair cost. You can also search retail websites to find exact costs for similar items and include printed copies of those in your claim.

Step 4: Don’t Throw Anything Away

Many moving companies will want to review the damages in person, so be sure to keep things as is until the claim is complete.