What if Everything Doesn’t Fit in the Moving Truck?

Determining the size of the moving truck you need is not an exact science. When you’re hiring a moving company or doing-it-yourself, you’re making an educated guess about the amount of space you’ll need to haul away everything you own and how well it will all fit together in the truck. The bottom line: it can be easy to underestimate the size of the truck you need. So what happens if, come moving day, you realize everything doesn’t fit in the moving truck? You have a few options for your extra stuff.


  1. Get another truck. This will be a lot easier if you’re working with a professional moving service. Chances are, if they underestimated the space you’d need for your belongings, they’ll come back and move the rest at no extra charge. If you’re moving on your own, you can call your local truck rental company or a moving service to see about last-minute hauling. Note: Expect to pay out more for last-minute services.
  2. Sell it fast. If you have a few extra days before the new tenants or owners move into your old home and you don’t mine parting with the pieces, consider listing them on a site like Offer Up, which lets you put your things up for sale locally. You can even upload photos of your items directly from your phone.
  3. Call your local Salvation Army, Donation Center, or Consignment Shop. If you don’t have time to wait for your things to sell and don’t want to pay for another moving truck, call your local Salvation Army, donation center, thrift store, Goodwill, or consignment shop. Many of these places will pick up items free of charge.
  4. Tap your real estate agent. If worse comes to worse, call the rental or real estate agent in charge of selling or renting out your home. Because their commission is often based on the successful delivery of an empty home, they are usually willing to help you find a solution to getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit in your moving truck.

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