Short-Term Storage for Moving Folks

It may be the case your current lease ends before your new one starts. So, what will you do with your items in that in-between period? Lucky you can turn to short term storage solutions. With short-term storage, you can conveniently and affordably have your items picked up, stored, and delivered to your new home in accordance with your schedule. Indeed, there are many benefits to short-term storage, which American Movers Inc., a leader in its fields, lays out below.

  • Convenient: This is the most convincing reason to choose short term storage. It is simply a convenient choice; instead of scrambling around to find a cousin who can take your bookshelf, a friend who can hold onto the contents of your wardrobe for a a couple of days, and so on, enjoy the services of a company that has been designed and built to serve as the solution for precisely the kind of situation you find yourself in.
  • Fast: Your storage provider can be there for you promptly after you communicate with them. You can quickly then move on to other things, knowing that the issue of storage has been resolved.
  • Affordable: Given the competitive moving and storage market, businesses need to keep prices competitive to attract customer, which, of course, is good news for you. You don’t need to dish out inordinate amounts of money for storage services these days. In fact, you could even end up saving money by hiring a storage company, if the alternative is to extend your lease or to make another costly arrangement.
  • Customizable dates and times: Storage providers can offer you flexibility in terms of pickup and delivery, so you can be sure the jobs is completed on your terms.
  • Safe storage facilities: Storage professionals keep your items highly secured throughout the storage process. Depending on the company and the length of time you wish your items to be stored, your goods will be locked inside of the moving truck or safely stowed inside a storage facility.
  • Climate-controlled facilities. Again, depending on the company and the length of time you wish your items to be stored, you may have the option of storing your sensitive items–such as certain electronics–in a climate-controlled storage environment. This unique option is most likely not available otherwise.

Thus, there are many advantages to hiring a top-notch short-term storage provider. Apart from convenience, you enjoy speed, affordability, customizability, and security. If you’re planning on moving to a new home, and are in need of short-term storage, then let us take the load off your plate. Don’t leave yourself stranded on the street with the entire contents of your home–contact us today for a quote and a solution.