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Packing Tips

If you do decide to take the route of do-it-yourself packing, then it’s a good idea to follow some of the following tips to avoiding hurting yourself or damaging your property.

  • Avoid over-packing your boxes, since that will make the moving boxes extra heavy, and could risk doing damage to squashed items. Heavier items should get smaller boxes.
  • Wrap delicate items in moving paper–not in newspaper since the ink could seep out and stain your pieces.
  • Pack everything over a soft surface, so that if anything slips and falls, there is less chance of breakage.
  • Try not to mix items from different rooms in the same boxes, and aim to pack the items you don’t use as much first off. Those items can be loaded onto the moving truck first, whereas items you use day to day should go last.
  • Label Your boxes clearly!
  • off your boxes with packing tape.
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