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Moving and Storage in Tenafly, New Jersey: 4 Things to Consider

Tenafly is an attractive city in New Jersey, thanks to its great schools, quiet suburban appeal, and close proximity to the city. But getting there may not be as easy as you hoped, especially if you have to ship a lot of items over a long way.

Not to worry, because the best NJ movers have prepared a quick guide to what it takes to move and store your belongings in Tenafly.

Here are 4 things to consider:

1. What’s Your Budget?

Moving and storing don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune, but they aren’t the cheapest of services either. First, you should run the numbers and see how much money you can really afford to spend on these services, which will also help you when you’re looking for a company.

Moving companies have a lot of services you can access, but you might not need all of them. If you have a clear budget, you can make a better decision as to what you want the company to do, and what you can do yourself.

2. What Do You Actually Need?

Think of the specific needs you have when it comes to moving and storing. Do you:

These are all factors to use when looking for a moving and storing company in New Jersey.

3. How Fast Does the Move Need to Happen?

Is your move date flexible, or do you fit more into the “emergency” category? Flexibility is highly desired here, as you may also benefit from lower prices if you work on the moving company’s schedule. But, there are some that can offer premium, fast services if needed.

Also, consider the transition from the movers to the storage facility. Can it be done seamlessly? If you hire a company that offers both services, this may not be an issue, and the movers can take everything directly to storage. If, however, you choose a third-party company, you may need to double-check shipping times to make sure your container is ready for when your items arrive.

4. Can You Trust the Company You Want to Hire?

Lastly, since you are moving your personal items, you want to choose a company that’s trustworthy.

A moving and storing company you can trust is a company that:

  • Has experience, and proper equipment
  • Has good customer reviews
  • Is offering help, not just pushing their services
  • Has moving insurance

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