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How to Correctly Pack Your Items for Storage or Transport in Jersey City, New Jersey?

Do you need moving or storage services in Jersey City? You have plenty of companies to choose from, but finding the perfect one for you depends a lot on what you actually need. When it comes to preparing your items for storage or moving, knowing how to pack them can save money, time, and effort in the long run.

This short guide on packing your items before moving or storing will help you be efficient and fast. American Movers has had thousands of customers and our experience in packing, moving, and storing items speaks for itself.

What Stays and What Goes?

First, you need to decide if you’re actually going to take all your items with you when moving. That rarely happens, so the first step to take is to declutter. Organize your things in three big categories: Donations, Trash, and Keep. You can also organize a garage sale for a few extra bucks, but don’t expect to get rid of all your extra items.

Get Cardboard and Plastic Boxes

The best packing solutions are simple cardboard or plastic boxes. They are stackable, lightweight, they easily fit all kinds of items and can be reused for future moves or storage too. Smart tips for packing items in boxes:

  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes and lightweight ones in big boxes;
  • Don’t overpack a box, but don’t leave too much empty space either;
  • Reinforce the edges and corners of cardboard boxes with tape.

How to Pack Your Entire House?

If you are moving home, packing your entire life in some boxes can be overwhelming. The most important tip is to organize and break the packing in stages. Move from one room to another, leaving the items you use every day last. You can also pack some suitcases with some spare clothes, toiletry, mobile devices and chargers, and any other items you need during the move.

How to Label Your Packing Boxes?

The best way to label your packing boxes is to use a different color for each room. This way, it will be easier to unpack. For fragile items, make sure to write that on each side of the box. If a box needs to be positioned with one side up, specify that on the box in big, bold letters.

How to Pack Fragile Items?

Fragile items like fine art, wine collections, rare books, crystals will need some extra care when packing. Use plenty of cushioning and filling like styrofoam, paper strips, or even clothing to prevent the items from moving around.

Need Packing Services? We Can Help!

American Movers has plenty of experience with moving and storing items. We are a professional and reliable moving company in New Jersey that you can trust. We can handle the packing from beginning to end if you don’t have time, knowledge or don’t feel like doing it yourself.

Get a free quote by contacting us and an agent will get back to you immediately with an offer.