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Here’s What To Know Before Moving to Hoboken

Hoboken truly provides the best of both worlds. While the real estate in this area comes with price tags far smaller than those in NYC, you’re still close enough to the city to enjoy all its offerings.

Not only that, but Hoboken has its own tricks up its sleeve, from a booming nightlife to great restaurants, employment opportunities, and even the promise of a slow-down family life.

Before moving, you may also want to contact a team of local Hoboken movers to help you make a successful relocation to your new home. Here are some top tips from American Movers on how to successfully enter your new life in Hoboken!

If You’re Glued to Your Car, Maybe Change That Mindset

You’d be surprised to discover that many Hoboken residents don’t have a habit of getting into their cars to get around unless they are planning to leave the area. Parking is somewhat of an issue here, so most people simply prefer to walk or rely on local transportation instead.

If you need to commute from Hoboken, you’re in luck, since the area provides easy access to the PATH train which can take you to Manhattan in around 20 minutes.

Unless It’s for Work, You Won’t Need to Head Into the City a Lot

Hoboken seems like a quiet, laid back area, but there is actually a booming nightlife and social life here. You have access to a lot of quality restaurants, grocery stores, specialty stores, parks, and opportunities for outdoor activities. If you suspect you’ll need to head on to NYC for a thrill, Hoboken can keep you and your family quite entertained.

Start Your Relocation to Hoboken Early

Hoboken is one of the most popular areas to move to, which is why you should start the process early, especially when it comes to finding housing. Hoboken is a fairly small city, but with a lot of commuters, so finding the right place to live while in a rush is not the best option.

If you also need to commute to work in NYC, you can also go for a test run to see how long, realistically, the journey will take.

American Movers Is Here to Help

We can’t help you find the perfect home or commute route, but we can make sure your relocation to Hoboken runs smoothly!

Reach out to our office now and get a free quote.