Senior Citizen Moving

A Guide to Stress-Free Senior Moving

Senior citizens move for a number of reasons. Retirement, health concerns that prevent them from living independently, a desire to downsize or change one’s lifestyle or move closer to family members are just a few of them. But whether the move is to a nursing home, a retirement community, an assisted-living residence, or even a relative’s home, it is never easy. Leaving the familiarity of one’s home and belongings and relocating to a strange new place where, perhaps, nobody knows you, can traumatize almost anybody. Here are a few ways you and your loved ones can embark on this difficult journey with successful results:

Know when it’s time to move

Are your elderly parents, grandparents or other loved ones slowly losing their ability to get around and access amenities without the help of family members or other senior care professionals? Then it may be time to have a frank and honest conversation with them about embarking on a new living situation. It is preferable to make this critical decision before a health emergency occurs and the individual concerned is still capable of making an informed decision. Families helping their senior members make this move should do enough research on the options available – and share this information with the senior concerned via brochures, photos, personal visits to the facilities. It is critical to let the senior feel that he or she is making this important decision himself or herself.

Ensure access to quality health care, recreational activities, and support groups

When determining which facility to move into, both the seniors and their families should ask themselves this questions: Does it have the quality care option/s you require (options can range from total independent living to just supportive assistance) and access to health services 24/7? Do they have enough recreational facilities…transportation, home repair, and other essential services…access to volunteer and outdoor activities? How about support groups that your elderly loved ones can connect with?

Hire an experienced and reliable moving service specializing in senior moves

It may well be worth it to invest in the services of a senior moving company – a fast-growing niche in the moving industry. Senior moving professionals can take care of all or part of your relocation needs – including packing and unpacking, conducting the move itself, organizing the senior’s items into which to keep and which to give away, and helping the senior settle in in his or her new home. However, this cannot be taken lightly. You’ll need to do a lot of research into the various senior moving providers…compare costs… check qualifications, recommendations, and complaint records…ask about insurance options…and insist on a written contract that details the costs and services clearly.

Ease senior moving transition with these tips

  • Help them deal with the emotions involved in parting with their former life
  • Be kind and patient, letting them prepare for the move in their own time
  • Try to arrange their new home so that it feels like their old one
  • Help them with packing and gently assist them in downsizing their life’s belongings
  • Involve them in the moving – but let the movers do the heavy lifting
  • Help them with their unpacking and their settling in, too – spending more time than usual with them so they do not feel alone in their new home
  • Make sure they have access to their medications, important phone numbers, and all necessary information in their new location
  • Make arrangements for a stair-lift if necessary