6 Things You Need to Tell Your NJ Movers Before the Moving Date

Do you need movers in West New York, New Jersey? First, you will need to do a bit of research to see which company can meet your needs at an affordable price. You will also need to make a few calls and get some quotes you can compare.

You will have to give the moving company some information to get a price estimate. There are several variables that will influence the price of the move, so it’s important to cover each one. Here is what you need to mention to the moving company in New Jersey that you consider hiring.

When Do You Need to Move?

The date of the move is very important, as the company needs to check it has the available resources for you when you need them. If you want to get the best options from the moving companies in your area, try to let them know as soon as possible. Giving them time to schedule your move will work to your advantage.

What Are the Pick-Up and Final Destinations?

The distance that will need to be covered is one of the main variables that influence the price of the move. Local moves can also be scheduled with shorter notice, in case your move is urgent. If you need to move across the country, it’s important to notify the movers at least 2 months before the date.

Do You Need Door-to-Door Service?

This detail should be discussed prior to the move, as it can make a big difference in the service you get. If the pick-up or destination location is on a narrow street, the movers need to know if the truck will fit or not. If there’s not enough space for any of the trucks in the fleet, you will need to carry the goods to the new home on foot or in stages, with a compact car.

Will You Need Packing Services?

One of the ways you can save money when moving is to pack the things yourself. Moving companies in West New York will also have packing on their service list. Keep in mind that some items need special packaging to avoid damage, like mattress bags. If you don’t already have these packing add-ons, you might as well just rent them from the moving company.

Do Your Objects Need Any Special Care?

Some items, like antique decorations, paintings, wine collections, rare books, and so on, need extra care when handled. Do let your NJ movers know if they need to handle your belongings with extra care. Some of the movers have a “white glove” service for such precious items.

Will the Objects Need to Be Carried in Difficult Spaces?

With all of the above figured out, you might think your movers know everything he needs to know. But there is one thing you need to mention: will the movers need to carry heavy objects up or down staircases, disassemble them or even use a crane to get them out of a window?

These problems are usually noticed on the spot, and that makes a lot of moves slower and more expensive than initially agreed. If you can anticipate them, the mover can then reserve more movers and special equipment to handle your items.

Now that you know what to mention to the movers, contact one of the best moving companies in New Jersey now! Get a free quote from American Movers, and plan your next move!