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New Jersey’s Best Real Estate Markets are In These Counties

As a whole, New Jersey has struggled to come back from the housing bubble, but some areas have fared far better than others. New Jersey’s most desirable areas still command top-dollar for home prices, and show no signs of slowing down. So where are New Jersey’s best real estate markets? According to the most recent data from Trulia’s real estate heat map, you’ll be making a sound real estate investment in these counties.

Moving In New Jersey? Here are the Best Real Estate Markets in the State, based on average listing price of homes in September 2016.


Average listing price: $651,355 Median sale price: $503,0001


Average listing price: $517,524 Median sale price: $488,75012


Average listing price: $513,405 Median sale price: $392,0004


Average listing price: $505,831 Median sale price: $425,0007

Cape May

Average listing price: $488,643 Median sale price: $325,00011


Average listing price: $452,443 Median sale price: 


Average listing price: $427,574 Median sale price: For more on New Jersey’s best and worse housing markets, visit Trulia’s heat map, which is updated weekly.For help planning a move in New Jersey, get in touch with American Movers, Inc. here.