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Moving Out of New Jersey? You’re Not Alone

If you are moving out of New Jersey this year, you’re certainly not alone. According to an annual study by United Van Lines, New Jersey ranks as the number one most moved-from state for the fifth year in a row. Though the study doesn’t provide reasons for the move, a number of articles report factors like high taxes, poor road conditions, and job opportunities elsewhere as contributors.

moving out of new jersey

The other most-moved from states were fellow members of the tri-state area: New York ranked as the third most-left state, while Connecticut ranked fourth. Illinois took spot number two, and Kansas rounded out the top five.

So where is everyone going? Oddly enough, South Dakota was number one on most moved-to states in 2016, followed by Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, and South Carolina.

If you’re among the Garden State residents planning to decamp for another locale this year, here are a few of our expert tips on how you can prepare for your out-of-state move, tips for moving long-distance with your car, and tips for moving with pets.

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