Moving During The Winter? Here’s What You Need To Know

Planning to relocate during the winter months comes with a few difficulties that need addressing. For most US states, New Jersey included, temperatures can drop dramatically in the winter. There’s also snow, unpredictable weather, and the holiday season which restricts your moving timeline quite a lot.

So, what does this mean? Should you program your relocation for a different time? Not exactly, especially considering that some people might not have this option, to begin with. American Movers has a quick winter moving guide that will help you relocate successfully! Here are 7 things you need to do:

1. Find the Right Moving Company

So you have to move. Is it long distance, or are you just going to a neighboring city? Do you have a lot of personal belongings that are either really heavy or fragile? Are you moving to a big city? Do you need any special services like expedited shipping?

You should consider all the elements of your move, and start looking for a company that can meet your demands. Moving and shipping companies come in all shapes and sizes, but not all the companies you find online will be right for you.

A company that’s “right for you” usually needs to:

  • Have experience in the business;
  • Have the proper equipment;
  • Work with licensed movers;
  • Have the right fleet of trucks for your cargo;
  • Be able to offer the types of services you need;
  • Offer insurance.

Consider researching the moving company as early as possible in the planning stages of your move, especially if you’ll be relocating in the winter!

2. Confirm the Details with Your Movers

Winter is generally moving companies’ offseason, so although you won’t be battling with loads of other clients like in the summertime, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot more options regarding available moving dates.

And that’s because you are battling with the weather, which can be highly unpredictable during these months. Remember to confirm your dates with the company, and then reconfirm a few days or a week before your move is scheduled to ensure everything is still going as planned.

3. Check the Weather and Have a Backup

Weather forecasts aren’t the most reliable, especially if you’re checking the dates in advance. It’s why a good rule of thumb is to keep your eyes peeled to the forecast and check your dates weekly in the beginning, and daily as the moving date approaches.

Because it’s winter, shifts in weather can happen with little warning, so you need to also prepare for the unfortunate event that the moving date isn’t viable anymore. This is why you should discuss with your moving company about another date and have a backup plan just in case.

If you’re arriving at your new home and your belongings don’t get there on time, this can be problematic during the winter. Remember to keep all the essentials for the season with you, and only let the movers handle the belongings you don’t need immediately, such as summer clothes, light raincoats, etc.

4. Make Way for the Movers – Literally

Snow and ice are a staple for winter, but they do not make for easy relocation. It’s important you remove them from your driveway to ensure your movers can easily access your home and transport your belongings without issues like slipping and breaking your possessions.

5. Double Pack Your Fragile Items

No matter how careful your movers are, there’s always a risk when it comes to moving during the winter. Additionally, some items may become even more fragile during the winter, so we’d recommend you double pack them with proper materials to ensure their safety.

Some moving companies will also have packing services available, and they can handle these items with even more care. You can read about American Movers packing services here.

However, if you have items that should not be exposed to the cold weather at all, then you should not include them with the rest of your cargo. Remember that moving trucks may have to be parked overnight, especially for long-distance moves, which puts your belongings at risk for damage.

6. Give Special Attention to Electronic Devices

Electronic devices really hate the cold. If you have a lot of them and must pack them with the rest of your stuff to ship professionally, research any special requirements that these tools may have. Manufacturers sometimes outline the proper way to transport them to ensure they do not get damaged.

7. Try to Be Flexible with Your Move

The golden rule with winter relocations is to be flexible when it comes to moving dates. Neither you nor the company you hire to help have any control over the weather, so prepare for the possibility that your cargo may need to be delayed a few days if there’s a snowstorm, for instance.

Understandably, that’s not something anyone wants when it comes to relocating, and it can create really frustrating moments. A good moving company will always try to help you find the best solutions to transport your cargo safely and quickly. When you are looking for a company try to get a sense of their customer service processes and how they handle these moments as well.

American Movers Is At Your Service

American Movers is a team of professionals with decades of tangible experience under our belts. We’ve handled more winter relocations than we can count, and will successfully navigate the particularities of moving during this time of year to ensure a happy and safe outcome.

We also know that given these times, you may be worried about the risks of strange people coming into your home because of the pandemic. We ensure you we’ve taken the right precautions to keep you and our workers safe. You can read more about this topic here.

Use our calculator to get a free quote for your move now, or contact us directly and let’s chat to see how we can help.