Interstate Moving From NJ To Dallas: 5 Things You Need To Do Before Your Move-Out Date

Whether you’re planning on DIY interstate moving or you’re hiring a long-distance moving company to help you move from NJ to Dallas, you may be wondering what you need to get done before you move out of your current home. Here’s a handy checklist from American Movers that may help!

1. Have All Your Stuff Packed And Ready To Go

Whether you’re moving on your own or you’ve hired interstate movers, all of your stuff should be packed by your move-out date.

We recommend planning in advance to make this easier – pack up the stuff you rarely use at least a month before you move, and continue packing up room-by-room as your move-out date approaches.

2. Cancel All Of Your Current Utilities – And Schedule Your New Utilities

You never want to pay utilities for a home you’re not living in anymore, so make sure to contact your electric, gas, water, internet, cable, phone, and any other utility providers to shut off service at your home or apartment after your move-out date.

In addition, it’s a good idea to set up your new utilities ASAP. Most of the time, you can schedule your utility hookups in advance, so you can get your new utilities set up before you even move out of your current home in NJ.

3. Clean Out Your Fridge & Pantry To Get Rid Of Food

Toss all of the perishable food you can’t take with you, or consider bringing a cooler and filling it with food if you’d like to avoid wasting it.

Pantry foods like cans, pasta, rice, and other nonperishables can be brought with you if you want, or you can donate them to a local charity or food pantry if you’d prefer to do so.

Either way, your fridge, and pantry should be completely empty on move-out day, and there should be no more food in your home or apartment.

4. Get Your Security Deposit Back, If Renting

If you’re a renter, work with your landlord to make sure that you have the apartment or home you’re renting inspected, and get your security deposit back before you move, if possible. This will help you cover your moving costs, it’s a lot easier to get your deposit back when you’re still in New Jersey, compared to trying to get it back when you have already moved to Dallas.

5. Change Your Address To Ensure Proper Mail Delivery

You can file a change of address with the USPS, and you should also update your address with your financial and banking companies, insurance companies, the IRS, the local DMV/BMV, loan issuers, and all other relevant institutions. This list from Zillow is a helpful resource. This will help you avoid any missed mail at your new home in Dallas, or at your old home in New Jersey.

Need Help With Interstate Moving From NJ To Dallas? Get Your Quote Now

Long-distance moving can be stressful, but with the help of an experienced team of interstate movers, you can save a lot of time and headaches.

So don’t go it alone and attempt a DIY move to Dallas – American Movers is here to help you move in New Jersey. With both standard and full service moving available, we make things simple, and let you move to your new home with less stress.

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