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How to Help Your Kids Throughout the Move

American Movers, a leading moving company based in the East Coast, shares a few tips on how to prep and help your kids and help them feel comfortable throughout the relocation process.

Moving can be pretty stressful for kids, especially more grown-up kids past the age of ten. Indeed, moving involves saying goodbye to friends, making new friends, and getting acclimated to a new school, new city and so on. As parents or guardians, there are ways to help ease the relocation process for your kids. Below, American Movers, a leader in the moving sector, shares a few tips on how to best support your kids throughout the move.

  • Sit your kids down and have a serious initial discussion with them in which you share with them your plans for moving. You should exhibit calmness, and you should emphasize the positive aspects of moving. Depending on your child’s ages and interests, various points should be emphasized.
  • Involve your child in the creative aspects of designing and decorating your new home. Ask them what paint colors they want for different rooms, and all the while make the whole process more fun and engaging.
  • When you do move into to your new home at last, make sure that your electronic communication devices are up and running asap, especially if you have a teenager. It’s really important for kids and young people to feel connected with friends via phone or internet, so make sure your child can connect with friends sooner rather than later.
  • Early on after the move, sign your child up for stimulating activities in which he or she can make friends, and enjoy something fun. Whether its ballet lessons or a science extracurricular, make sure your child jumps into a fun, supportive and stimulating environment in your new home area.

Even if your child seems very unhappy about the prospect of moving, you can find ways to make them feel more excited and comfortable with the whole change. In a nutshell, include your child in the moving processes wherever appropriate, make sure your child can stay in touch with friends, and involve your child in stimulating and social activities soon after move-in. And for any guidance or assistance with the moving process, whether you are concerned about your child or need professional relocations services, feel free to get in touch with American Movers, a premiere moving and storage company that strives to make folks feel as comfortable as can be throughout the moving process.

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