Getting Kids Acclimated to a New School After a Move

Summer is the most common time for families for an obvious reason: it eases the transition for children into a new school. Instead of uprooting kids in the middle of the school year, most parents opt to start them off fresh with the new school year. While this is certainly the ideal situation for a family that has to move, it doesn’t necessarily mean that kids will have an easy time taking to their new school or will make a seamless transition. If your family moved over the summer, here are a few tips for helping children adapt.

Get Prepared.  A seamless transition will happen most easily with good preparation. Make sure your child is registered for school, and had all proper records and immunizations. Before the first day of school, take your child on a test-run. Have them wake up and get ready for the school day, then drive the bus route or take the subway line your child will take on the first day. If possible, go into school and locate their classroom, homeroom, or locker. Finally, get a list of school supplies from your child’s teacher so he or she can be ready on day 1.


Encourage activities. According to an article on, one of the best ways children can start to feel involved in their new school and meet new friends is to join a club or sports team. Though it may be an intimidating prospect on top of starting a new school, try to remind your child that it will be worthwhile effort in the long run since they will meet people with similar interests.


Listen to their concerns. notes that feelings of anxiety and fear are normal for some children when they start a new school. Their advice: listen to their concerns, comfort them, and spend time doing fun or special activities while they adjust. If there are actionable things you can do to make the transition easier, like helping the child adjust his or her courseload or schedule, do them. Need help planning your family’s move? Get in touch with American Movers for a complimentary quote.