6 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Most of us only move a few times in our lives … which means if you’re planning a move, you probably don’t consider yourself an expert on the process. Educating yourself on moving lingo, what to expect from a move, and what questions to ask your moving company can not only help you feel more informed and confident about the process, it can protect you, your home, and your belongings throughout your relocation, too.

A good place to start you research is with potential moving companies you plan to hire. Before you sign a contract, be sure to ask them the following questions.

Do you have insurance?
All moving companies should have insurance that covers employees and equipment during the move.

Do you offer insurance?
In addition to asking if the company insures their employees, it’s also a good idea to find out if you can purchase movers insurance (the kind that protects your stuff during the move) as well.

What is your company license number?
One of the best ways to find out if your moving company is reputable is to check their license number. All moving companies should be licensed by the US Department of Transportation. To verify, you can look up the company by name or license number for yourself, here.

Are you familiar with my current neighborhood, and the one I’m moving to?
Different neighborhoods (especially in cities) have different parking and standing rules and regulations, and having a mover who is  already familiar with the ones in your neighborhood makes life a lot easier.

What does my quote include?
To make sure you aren’t surprised by your final moving bill, get an itemized list of exactly what your move includes, as well as anything that is determined by weight or time, which can affect the final price you pay for your move.

If I move during the week or on an off weekend, can I get a better deal?
Demand for movers is often highest on weekends, especially those near the beginning and middle of the month, so movers will sometimes offer a lower price during the week or on off weekends to encourage people to move on these less-busy days.