Your Guide to Moving to Paramus, Bergen County, NJ

Are you planning on moving around or in the Paramus area of Bergen County? Here are some tips on how to prepare for your move so that you will get the best deal and the best efficiency for your money.

Why Move to Paramus, NJ?

Paramus is a family-friendly, quiet neighborhood where you can enjoy a safe, pleasant life, while still being close to Manhattan for your professional, entertaining, or educational activities. It has plenty of stores, gyms, recreational areas, schools, and affordable, chic housing.

How Far Do You Need to Move?

Whether you need to move to Paramus from a nearby area or from across the country, planning will save you a lot of money. Give yourself 2-3 weeks before to book a local move and find a mover at least 3 months before if you are moving from another state.

When Are You Planning on Moving?

Are you able to choose the date of your move? Try to plan it outside of the peak season for movers, which is in between May and September. If you have limited flexibility, at least plan your move during the week and somewhere near the middle of the month.

Do You Need to Store Anything?

Sometimes, people or businesses need storage space during their move. Whether you need to move your things in two or more sessions or your new place is smaller than the one you’re moving from, storage space can be affordable if you book it in time. Sometimes, you get better deals if you rent the storage space from the same company that’s helping you move.

Do You Need Packing/Unpacking Services?

If you want your move to be handled from A to Z by the moving company, you can request extra services like packing, unpacking so that you can focus on other aspects of your move instead. Our workers at American Movers have the expertise to pack your belongings properly, ensuring that they reach their destination unharmed.

If you want to pack yourself, you can also rent packing materials and moving equipment from American Movers.

Request a Free Quote

If you already have the main details of your move, contact us right away and get a reliable free quote that will be explained in detail by our friendly staff. We will offer the right services for your move and ensure a smooth relocation for you and your family.