Tips for Preparing for College Move in Day in New York City

Moving into a college dorm or apartment is nothing short of a project, no matter where you go to school. But couple the usual chaos of college move in day with the traffic, parking laws, and walk-up buildings of New York City, and a successful move can seem almost impossible. The best way to ensure college move in day in New York City is as stress free as possible is to be prepared. Here are a few of the top tips we’ve learned from moving students in the city.

student move in day nyc

Image via NYU

  1. Check with your school. Whether it’s NYU, Columbia, FIT or otherwise, your school will be the best resource for information on things like where to park and what resources will be available for you on moving day. Many schools will have designated permit parking areas for parents and moving trucks, and knowing where you’re headed beforehand will make your day run much smoother. If you haven’t received moving day instructions from your school, check the housing website or give the residents’ association a call.
  2. Research your building. If it’s your freshman year or you are simply unfamiliar with the building you’ll be living in, pay a visit before move in day to find out about things like the size of the doorways, whether an elevator is available, and if you won’t have access to an elevator, how many flights of stairs you’ll have to climb and the layout of the stairwell. All of these factors will impact the furniture you are able to fit into your new building, as well as your decisions on what is worth lugging into a walk-up and what it best left behind. Can’t pay a visit? Give the building a call or check in with the school residence association for details.
  3. Hire a local moving service. If you’re living off campus, it’s unlikely you’ll get much moving-day help from your school. If that’s the case, look into hiring a moving service. New York City area movers will be familiar with the traffic and parking laws, and the building styles in the area and can be an invaluable resource. If you live in the tri-state area, many local movers can even pick up your things from your parents home and deliver them to your new apartment. Long-distance students can have a movers coordinate with shipping and storage services to ensure move-in goes smoothly.

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