How to Pack a Coffee Table for Your Move

While packing up items like clothing and bedding are as easy as folding them and placing them into a labeled box, packing up your furniture isn’t as easy. If you’re not quite sure where to start, check out this handy guide for packing and moving your coffee table safely.

pack a coffee table

Step 1: Disassemble

There’s a reason that the furniture you purchase in a store always comes disassembled. Not only is it easier to store, but it’s also a lot easier to move when the contents are taken apart. The first step in moving your coffee table is to disassemble it and pack the individual pieces separately. This will not only save you room in the moving truck, but it will also ensure that your table is safe from any damages. To start, lay down a moving blanket or protective sheet to prevent scratches to the tabletop. Then, turn the table over so that the legs of the table are up in the air. (Pro tip: For a marble or natural stone table, be sure to put the table on its side instead of flat down) Now, detach the legs by either unscrewing or twisting them off.  If you did unscrew the legs, make sure you keep the screws in a plastic bag and tape them to one of the legs, so as to not misplace them in the moving process.

Step 2: Packing the Table

Before you tackle packing the top of the table, start with the legs. Typically for most table legs, you can wrap them in a moving blanket or bubble wrap and secure with tape. For wooden legs, you’ll want to use a moving blanket or foam padding so the material can breathe. Once you’re done packing the legs of the table, you can move on to the top.

Glass Table Top

Because of its fragile nature, you’re going to want to take extra care in packing your glass tabletop. First, wrap the glass top with packing or Kraft paper and secure it with tape, making sure to only get the tape on the paper itself. Once it’s fully wrapped in packing paper, wrap it again with bubble wrap and secure with tape. The packing paper will act as a barrier against the air pockets in the bubble wrap, alleviating the impressions that the bubble wrap could leave on the glass. Next, measure the dimensions of the wrapped glass and purchase a specialty telescopic box. You can purchase one of these boxes from any moving store or online at retailers like ULINE or Amazon. You can also research how to make one of these boxes yourself.

Marble/Natural Stone Table Top

While marble and stone might be a lot heavier than glass, they are just as fragile. The first step in packing this versatile material is to make sure that you always keep it upright and don’t lay it flat while moving or storing it. Since it’s extremely prone to cracking, you want to make sure that the weight is distributed vertically for the duration of the move. To pack it, you can either wrap the table top in enough cardboard that it covers both the top and bottom or you can purchase a specialty carton or crate to move it in.

Wooden Table Top

Did you know that wood furniture is more susceptible to damage during a move than any other item? A lot of people make the mistake of wrapping their wooden furniture in bubble or plastic shrink-wrap, which can damage the table. Wood is an organic material that needs to breathe and these kinds of wrappings can damage the surface. Experts suggest instead wrapping it in a few layers of moving blankets, furniture pads or foam padding to give it extra protection.

Consider Other Options

The old saying, “some things are best left up to the professionals” rings especially true when your coffee table or furniture is an antique, a family heirloom or just too fragile or bulky for you to move yourself.  Our team of professional movers recognizes the special care that goes into packing and unpacking fragile items, ensuring that your item will be safe throughout the entire moving process. To get a quote on your move, visit us here.