Special Moving Services That Meet Your Unique Specifications

Sometimes, specialized moving services are needed to handle vulnerable, high value items. That said, we have a separate division dedicated to special moving. Since our founding back in 1916, we have successfully moved hundreds of thousands of pianos, pieces of art, billiard tables, antique pieces and more. We have also moved thousands of senior citizens, ensuring that they are supported and at ease at every step in the move. Grant yourself and your loved ones peace of mind by hiring the professional and friendly movers at American Movers. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today so you can discuss matters with one of our consultants.

Specialty Moving

The Gentle Touch, The Steady Hand

Our movers have been extensively trained so as to be able to handle even the most sensitive items. Pieces such as antiques and pianos should be entrusted to only the most expert movers, who can protect them at every step of the relocation journey. Our team can properly pack, crate and transport your precious assets such that they will look completely untouched upon delivery. Our storage facilities, should you wish to use them, are spacious, impeccably cleaned and offer climate control. Don’t risk damaging your property–call on the moving and storage consultants at American Movers to starting planning your specialty moving services.

The Moving Professionals Who Care

For senior citizens, moving can be a difficult, emotionally draining endeavor. The thought of such a big change, and the stress of packing and re-arranging a home in which a senior has spent years living in can indeed cause some degree of anxiety. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a moving company that specializes in senior citizen moving. We help seniors plan, de-clutter, and feel at ease throughout every step in the process. Upon delivering the items, we clean, install, rearrange all the furniture and more to ensure that the new home really starts feeling like home as soon as possible.

Why American Movers for Special Moving Needs?

American Movers recognizes and appreciates the delicate nuances arising during the relocation process. Certain items require a unique degree of care–such as pianos and fine art. Senior citizen moving requires a unique degree of professional expertise too, which is why it’s key to turn to a moving company that specializes in senior citizen moving to make sure that the relocation is carried out properly.

More and more people turn to American Movers everyday, knowing that we offer:

1 Knowledge and Expertise
With decades upon decades of experience under our belts, we have mastered the art of moving, and we are experts in handling every moving situation.

2 Technical Prowess and Advanced Equipment
Movers are responsible for handing your most valued assets–so be sure that you hire our movers, who are skilled at safely handling your most vulnerable possessions, and use the best equipment for the job.

3 Friendly and Communicative Movers
Our movers are people-oriented professionals who are very communicative and responsive to your every concern.

4 Flexible Payment and Pricing Options
We offer you a unique degree of flexibility when planning your special moving services and senior citizen move. We meet your budget and your needs.