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With American Movers you can easily settle into your new home in a truly stress-free way. Whether you’re headed for a new home down the street, to a different state or even if you’re moving to foreign soil, we will be there for you to take care of all the logistics of your move, so you’re mind can be at ease.

Beyond taking care of the the physical tasks involved in moving, we support you at every step of the way, and offer our consultation on all moving and storage-related matters. Our friendly, skilled staff, modern equipment, and years of experience enable us to provide clients moving to, from or within Jersey City with the highest quality moving and storage service.

Call us or use the online quote form now and get a free quote for your upcoming move. Where other companies may cut corners, we go the extra mile to ensure that each of your needs is fully met. We gladly put in the extra time and resources to make sure that your move is as smooth as possible. Please contact us now so we can learn more about you and vice versa, and so that we can get you started on your move!

Moving Jersey City sinec 1916

The American Movers family treats each family, individual, or business with the utmost respect, and gives each client its undivided attention. We’re proud to have been working within the Jersey City community for years and we look forward to continuing to employ fantastic professionals from Jersey City, and to provide clients with top notch moving services and storage facilities. From businesses to families with kids — we know how provide outstanding, customized services to each client that continually exceed their expectations. Please call us now to learn more about what makes us unique.

Residential Moving Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide folks with family-friendly moving services; we’re flexible, and we’re here to support you during every aspect of your move. Our staff knows how to execute flawless moves, so you can eliminate the stress factor from your upcoming move to, from, or within Jersey City, and focus on other things — like helping your kids get ready for their new home.

Were happy to share tips on living in Jersey City, a town which offers a plethora of attractions, services and resources. The most gratifying part of our business is knowing that our customers simply could not have experienced a better moving job — and at better price at that. Learn more about why Jersey City continues to choose us for local, interstate and international moves; contact us now.

Commercial Moving Services

Our efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism remain unsurpassed. The meticulous care with which we move each and one of your items is unprecedented, since we go above and beyond what ordinary firms do to ensure that your move is flawless. WIth us you can be sure that every one of your items — from office furniture, computers, artwork and more — arrives in top notch form exactly on time at your new location.

We are the experts in handling various types of corporate moves and we offer our clients competitive prices and flexibility, and our familiarity with Jersey City policies and procedures allows us to conduct superbly efficient moves. Call us now to learn more and to start moving your company to new heights.

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