5 Things to Buy Before You Move (That You Probably Haven’t Thought of)

Moving to a new home is an exciting and stressful time. While it’s easy to get caught up in the big details of your move, don’t let the little things slip your mind! Whether it’s something small like buying paper plates to eat off of in the midst of moving or something a little more important like purchasing moving insurance, we’ve put together a helpful list of a few things you might want to buy before you move.

buy before you move

1. An app that lets you create packing lists

While the notes app on your phone might be your go-to for jotting down little things on the go, it’s not the most efficient tool to handle all of your moving needs. Instead, we suggest purchasing a packing list app. Not only will it help to keep things all in one place, it will also help to make your moving day as smooth as possible. Unlike a printed or handwritten list that can easily be misplaced, an app will always be at your fingertips. We suggest an app like Sortly that allows you to take inventory of your belongings before you move. This handy app allows you to snap a photo of each item and organize them into categories, so you know exactly what you have. You can also assign a code to each box, so when you get to your new home you can scan the code on each box to figure out exactly what’s in it…no more searching through every box just to find your sneakers!

2. A portable speaker…

Your electronics are going to be packed away well before your moving day, so be sure to keep some portable speakers handy. Trust us, you’re going to want some music to break up the monotony of packing and unpacking. After all, there’s no better way to break the silence of a new home than with your favorite song.

3. A first aid kit

No matter how careful you are on moving day, there’s always the chance of one-off accidents. Whether it’s a simple paper cut from trying to open a box or a bruised hip after running into unseen piece of furniture, it’s always helpful to have a first aid kit handy. You can pick one up for relatively cheap at your local CVS or dollar store!

4. Paper plates and plastic silverware

After a full day of packing, you’re going to be exhausted…and hungry! There’s nothing worse than ordering a pizza to your home only to realize you don’t have anything to eat it with after your plates have been packed away. This is why it’s always helpful to have paper plates, cups, napkins, and utensils handy while you’re in the midst of packing. These necessities are especially helpful when you’ve moved into your new place, as it inevitably will take a few days for you to find and unpack your flatware.

5. Moving insurance

Just as you purchase health insurance to protect yourself, you may want to consider purchasing moving insurance to safeguard your personal belongings. However experienced and professional your movers are, accidents can happen and it’s always better to be prepared. We offer a few types of coverage for your move depending on if you’re moving in state or out of state. You can read more about our coverage here. Another option is to purchase insurance from a third party provider such as Whichever option you choose, it’s always helpful to be in the know before your move.

6. Organizational Totes

No matter how organized you are with packing, there’s always little things that you have to throw in your bag on moving day. Before moving, we suggest picking up some organizational totes from the dollar store to keep you prepared. You can use these for the things you’ll need to keep with you. Whether it’s important papers, your new home keys, jewelry, sharpies, tape or snacks, you’ll be happy you have these things handy in the chaos of packing and unpacking.