How to Transfer Your License and Registration in New Jersey

Moving to a new state can pose a lot of new challenges, and transferring your license and registration is one of those challenges. No one likes spending any more time than they have to at the DMV (or the MVC, Motor Vehicle Commission, as New Jersey refers to it). In order to cut down on your wait time and make the transferring process a bit easier, we’ve put together the necessary steps to transfer your license and registration in New Jersey.

First and foremost, anyone moving to New Jersey for at least 6 months is required to transfer their title, register their vehicle, and get a NJ driver’s license.

registration in New Jersey


Before you register, you must obtain New Jersey liability insurance. New Jersey requires all drivers to get 3 types of insurance. The first is Liability Insurance to cover you if you are in an accident that is your fault. The second is Personal Injury Protection to cover medical expenses for you or anyone else on the policy, whether the accident is your fault or not. The third is Uninsured Motorist Coverage to cover you if you are in an accident with a driver who does not have proper car insurance.

To see if your current car insurance already fulfills these requirements, visit this page for more information. Note that you will not be allowed to register a vehicle until you have a New Jersey Insurance Identification Card from your insurance provider.

Registering Your Car

You must visit your local NJ MVC office in-person as you cannot register your car online or by mail. You have 60 days after establishing residency in New Jersey to register your vehicle. Once you go to your local MVC Agency, request an Initial Packet that contains all forms you’ll need to title and register your car. You can find your local MVC office here. Then follow the below steps:

    • Present your New Jersey Insurance Identification Card, or the name of     the insurance company and policy number
    • Give proof of Social Security number
    • Present your New Jersey driver’s license number
      • If you do not have a NJ driver’s license, present 6 points of identification (find more information regarding this here)
    • Provide the vehicle odometer reading
    • Submit the appropriate application for titling
    • Submit the application for registration
    • Pay the registration fee

Transferring Your License

If you have an out-of-state driver’s license, you must transfer it for a New Jersey driver’s license within 60 days of moving to the state. You will need to visit your local NJ MVC office in person and surrender your previous driver’s license; if you’re registering your car you can do both at the same time. Here are the steps you will need to take to transfer your license:

      • Surrender your out-of-state driver’s license
      • Pass the 6 Point ID and residency requirement
      • Take a vision screening
      • Pass the written and road tests if your out-of-state license is:
                • Expired
                • A provisional license
                • Not issued in the United States, the District of Columbia, or a U.S. territory
                • Pay the $24 new driver’s license fee

Getting Your Vehicle Inspected

After registering your vehicle, you will now have to get it inspected. Take the New Jersey registration, NJ insurance card, and your driver’s license to an inspection station within 14 days after registering your car.