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5 Signs You Might Be Ready to Move Out of New York City

There are many wonderful things about living in New York City. Endless entertainment, wonderful career opportunities, and thousands of culinary options at your fingertips are just a few of the benefits to living in the Big Apple. With those positives come the negatives—high rent prices, small living spaces, and noise pollution. There comes a point in most New Yorkers lives where they start to question if they should move out of the city to either the suburbs or to a new city entirely. Here are a few telltale signs that you’re ready to leave your NYC life behind you.

new york city movers

You can’t stop looking at Redfin

Is Redfin your most frequented website? If you’re constantly searching the site for new homes and daydreaming about having a backyard, it might be time to get serious about your search. While New York has many things, space isn’t typically one of them. Finding an affordable home with lots of space is one in a million in the city. If your 5-year plan includes a home with a backyard, it’s time to start thinking about moving.

Hearing your neighbors through the walls wears on your last nerve

When you move into an apartment you know that from time to time you’ll get a reminder that there are other people right through the walls. But if you’re completely fed up with living in such close quarters to complete strangers, it might be time to leave city life behind. As much as you may try, there’s pretty much no place in New York that you’ll have a completely noise-free living situation. That kind of peaceful silence is reserved for rural areas!

You just want to get in the car and drive somewhere instead of public transit

Public transportation can wear on anyone. After all, who really wants to spend their commute sandwiched into a small train car? If taking out your subway card starts to feel more like a chore than a simple way to get around, it might be time to reconsider NYC living. After all, some things are just easier with a car—getting groceries, moving, or simply just running an errand you don’t want to take 5 trains to get to.

The things you found charming are now repulsive

When you first move to New York, a cab honking and your neighborhood bodega cat all seem like charming aspects to a bustling city. There will always be quirks to living here, but when you start to dread those once-charming quirks, it’s a sign to start looking into moving.

You can’t afford your neighborhood

The most common reason people leave New York City is of course because they can’t afford to live here anymore. It used to be that you could move outside of Manhattan into Queens or Brooklyn to find an affordable apartment, but even these boroughs are becoming increasingly expensive. You can only budget so much before you realize that you simply cannot afford to live in the city anymore. After all, that’s why the LIRR and the Metro North are so crowded. They’re filled with people that either opted out of living in the city, or moved out to try and save money and have a bigger space.