Tips for Moving During the School Year

Moving is a stressful time for all family members, and it can be especially difficult if you’re moving your children in the middle of the school year. Adjusting not only to a new home, but also to a new school and new friends is a lot of change in a short period of time. In order to make this mid-year transition a bit easier for you and your children, here are a few tips.

Before you move:

1. If possible, check out the neighborhood and school district before you move. Researching the area and finding the right school for your child is important in ensuring a successful school career for them. Check out the public, private, and technical schools in the area you plan on moving to and decide on which would best fit your child’s needs.

2. Include your children as much as possible. Bringing them on a house tour or a neighborhood visit beforehand will help ease any anxiety they might have. If it’s not possible to see the house prior to the move, make sure to show them photos or do a Google Earth preview. This will give your children a mental image of their new home and will help the transition.

3. Contact their new school. While it’s standard to be in contact beforehand to have school records transferred and to sign your kids up in a new district, see if it’s possible to schedule a meet and greet with their teachers prior to the first day. Touring the school and meeting the faculty will help ease any first day of school anxiety.

During the move

4. Keep a routine. Children thrive on routines. As much as possible try and keep the same routine that they are used to. Whether it’s a family dinner night or something as simple as a snack time, your children will find comfort in these familiar practices.

5. Keep your spirits high and try and make the move as calm as possible. Make sure that all of your moving details are planned out to a T to avoid any last minute problems. Your moving company will definitely be a big help in this process as well. In addition to a smooth moving process, make sure you keep a positive attitude, as children tend to pick up on their parent’s emotions. Make sure they see this as a positive change, not a negative one.

After the move

6. Get involved at school. After you’re all moved in, make sure to encourage your kids to get involved at school. Whether it’s joining the soccer team or drama club, this will help them to make new friends and establish new routines.

7. Get involved in your new neighborhood. Baking cookies for your neighbors isn’t a dying practice; it’s still a great way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood. Make sure to include your child in this as well. Not only will baking be a great chance to bond with your child in a new home, but bringing the baked goods to the neighbors is an opportunity for them to connect with neighborhood children and put some names to faces they’ll be seeing quite often. You can also use this opportunity to check out any neighborhood playgroups you can join in on.