5 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Moving any time of the year is a stressful endeavor, but moving during the holidays takes on a whole new level of pressure. To keep you in the holiday spirit and prepare you for a seamless move, here are a few tips to move during the holiday season.

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1. Carefully consider your moving date

If you have the option of choosing your moving date, the best time to move is right after Christmas, specifically the week between Christmas and New Years. Most people use their extra vacation days this week, so you will not only have less traffic to worry about during your drive, but you can also rely on the help of family and friends to assist you.

2. If you have to move Mid-December…

If you do have to move right before Christmas, be sure to keep your spirits high and your home as festive as possible. When packing up your belongings, save your Christmas décor for last, to keep you and your family in the holiday spirit. When you do have to pack up your holiday décor, make sure to carefully label and keep track of these boxes so that you can easily access them upon moving into your new home. After all, nothing says Christmas like decking the halls of a new home! In addition, be sure to carefully mark any boxes with holiday gifts, too. If you have children, you can come up with a code word for these boxes so as to not spoil any surprises.

3. Budget, budget, budget!

We can’t stress the importance of budgeting out your moving expenses along with your holiday plans. In order to keep yourself from breaking the bank, set a strict Christmas budget to keep you from overspending right before your move. If you’re planning on hiring movers, make sure to reserve a company as soon as possible. Moving companies can often be understaffed during the holidays, so don’t wait until the last minute. If possible, it’s always cheaper to book movers mid-week, so if you’re on a budget try for a Tuesday-Thursday.

4. Consider the weather

While you can control your moving date, you can’t control the weather. If you’re relocating to or from colder parts of the country, like the Northeast or Midwest, be prepared for cold temperatures and snow and/or ice. Pack your belongings in waterproof containers to keep them from getting damaged in the snow or rain. In addition, pack cold-weather items in easily accessible boxes so you won’t have to hunt them down once you move. Be sure to have boots, hats, shovels and salt on-hand in case you find yourself needing to shovel out your driveway or steps.

5. Once you’ve moved…

After you’ve moved into your new home, make sure you take time to enjoy the holidays. While you may have the urge to unpack all of the boxes at once to get it over with, we suggest taking it slow. Unpack necessary items, and use your additional time to enjoy what’s left of the holiday season. It’s a great time to get to know your new area and new neighbors. Sign up for a caroling group, check out your local mall to get in the shopping spirit and take drives to familiarize yourself with the area (and to check out the Christmas light setups of surrounding neighborhoods)!